I hate rim tape.

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Maybe you guys out there who have everything done at some bike shop don't care, but I just hate rim tape. I hate it most whenever I build up a set of wheels. I buy the rims, I buy the hubs, I buy the spokes, I build up the wheels, and then I realize that I've forgotten to get some stupid rim tape. Dang it!

So, another trip to the store or another order on-line. Five Bucks for Rim Tape?
C'mon, it's just a roll of tape, for Pete's sake.

I've tried all the other alternatives - I've corked holes, I've used strapping tape, and I've used black electrical tape. They all work, they're all a pain in the butt. They slide around, they pooch into the holes, they get slimy afterwhile, and they're barely re-usable.

But, dang it all, covering those holes IS important. Nothing worse than blowing all your tubes during a hundred mile ride because of crappy rim tape.

When I saw these 'Veloplugs' by Velocity USA it was love at first site. At the Forum last week, Ken Heike called them "a novel idea." I call them "brilliant."

Why didn't anyone think of this before? C'mon Velocity - What took you so long? Ok, Ok, Ok, I'll just be glad we got 'em now, ok? Thanks guys.

They are very easy to use, just push them into the holes. I do have to warn you, if you're doin' up some 36H wheels, your thumb is going to get a bit sore after the first rim, so just go ahead and mount up that first tire and tube before you start on the 2nd rim.

Best part, they're not going to pooch, slide, squirm, or move and they're going to come out with a ball point or a pen knife if you have to replace a spoke.

Pictured is a 32H silver Velocity Aerohead. Oh yeah, these Veloplugs come in bags of 72, or in jars of a thousand - but ya gotta push 'em in yourself.