Wabi Cycles GX 410 Wheelset - $150.00 for the pair.

Wabi Product Information
By Dennis

There's a ton of people selling fixed gear bikes, frames, and parts all over the internet and generally they're all selling pretty good stuff. I've not found any real junk out there and I've looked at a lot over the last ten years.

But I've just got to say that I've always thought Wabi was a cut above most everyone else. Richrad specs out his bike with nice parts, you who have read our other reviews would have to agree ... his bikes are a good value ... not trendy flashy urban bikes, but solid road and street riding bikes designed to last and get you there fast and comfortably.

Wabi's direction with a wheelset doesn't try to be the polka dot neon wood grained billboard, instead it's a solid lightweight semi-aero rim with double-butted spokes that's designed to be light and fast ..... and pretty darn affordable at $ 150.00 for the pair.

Not to knock your style, but if you've never ridden a reasonably light set of wheels like these ( Richard says 1,750 gm for the pair ) with a supple tire .... well, suffice to say that it'll make your bike feel like a Ferrari if you've been riding EighthInch Julians with a Fyxation 28mm tire strapped to it.

Sealed bearings, 3x stainless double-butted spokes, brass nipples, and a double wall rim .... well, just read how Richard writes his descriptions and you'll realize that he knows what he likes and wants to pass good stuff along to you as well.

Now, if your stick is skidding and 360's off a loading ramp then you'd need to hang with those Julians, but if you're off on a 50 mile rolling countryside ride it'll be a lot more enjoyable on a set like the Wabis.

Richard knows what he likes and he tries to source the best bang for the buck .... Jalco and Joytech aren't Zipp and Phil Wood ... but these wheels don't pretend to be a $2000 wheelset. They are what they are .... straight and light on the road and on your pocketbook.

Snapped here is a Wabi GX wheelset on my 1991 Nobilette frame that was my first good road bike back in 1991; which I rode on my first double and triple centuries; was used as my first time trial bike with aerobars and rear disc back in 1999, and was the frame I rode on my first fixed gear 100 miler back in 2001. It's a solid bike to ride anywhere ... and this was the bike setup I lent to Fenderman when he visited from California this summer.

After I pried Fenderman's hands off my favorite bike, and before I stripped the Nobilette for a restoration and a new pearl white powdercoat, I logged a few hundred miles out in Leelanau County and the Wabi wheels looked and rode just fine.

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