Hi Dennis,
Here's a photo of my new/old fixie. I bought the frame in about 1988. It never had makers branding, just stickers that identified the tubing as "Tange 2 double butted". It was my main bike for perhaps ten years, with various parts on it, but mainly seven speed Shimano 105.
Anyway, I recently dug it out of the back of the garage, pulled all the gearing off, and built a new rear wheel based on a Suzue track hub. The cranks are old Campy Athena, with a TA chainring. I had a spare front Chorus dual pivot brake, so I put that on, along with the old Athena single pivot rear.
It's a blast to ride. I use a 68" gear, which is low enough to get me up the steepest hill on my commute, and has me spinning like a maniac on the way down. My only gripe with the bike is that the frame is a little big for me; a problem that I hope to resolve shortly with a new purpose built fixie frame.
Regards, Suzy - suzyj@bigpond.com